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In order to utilize the ipSentry Graphing Tool, you must have detail statistics logging enabled within ipSentry.

Launch ipSentry
Select Action then System Options
Click on the Statistics Output tab.
Make sure that "Enable Detailed Graphing Statistics Logging" is enabled.
* If this option was not enabled, you will need to run a few monitoring cycles in ipSentry in order to accumulate some data - otherwise, you will end up with blank graphs.

IPSentry System Options - Statistics

Here are the steps within the graphing tool to create a report that will output graphing information for selected item values for a 5 minute interval over the last 24 hours.

Launch the ipSentry Graphing Tool
Click the "Add" button.
IPSentry Graphing Tool - Main

Click the "Add" button under Chart Definition to create a chart definition.
IPSentry Graphing Tool - Report Definition Editor

Provide a name of the report definition.
Set the Sample Group to "by Minute"
Set the Minute Sample to "5"
Click on Specific Duration and Select "Yesterday"
Click on "From Current" to get a running span rather than just yesterday.
Select the type of graph output.
Click "OK"

IPSentry Graphing Tool Chart Definition

Now, select "Manual Only" unless you have or will be enabling the auto run feature.
Double-Click on the entry or entries and values you wish to graph.
Click OK.

IPSentry Graphing Tool - Report Definition Editor

Make sure your new report is highlighted and click "Run" to generate and view the reports.
IPSentry Graphing Tool - Chart Main 2

From this point on, you can either have the graphing tool automatically output the report on a schedule or simply select the reports you want to run from the main graphing tool area to generate the reports on-demand.

And here is a sample of the report output generated by this definition.
IPSentry Graphing Tool - Chart Sample


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