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The ipSentry DASH Remote Client (IDRC) is a system tray icon utility which enables remote users to selectively view, suspend, resume, and be alerted to state changes for monitored items on one or many ipSentry installations.

The main IDRC window provides a list of monitored ipSentry hosts and the current status information for each subscribed entry.


  • Subscription Based
    The IDRC is subscription based allowing for exclusion of non-critical or unwanted entries depending on the purpose of the client installation.  This allows for only the entries of interest to be displayed in the main IDRC window and visual/audible alerts will be associated only to the subscribed entries.

    This also minimizes resources required by only sending information for the subscribed entries to the client rather than retrieving an entire list of entry details.
  • Shared Secret Security
    The server and client both maintain a shared secret which is never passed between the two.  This secret must be configured at the DASH server (see ipSentry System Configuration) as well as on the client.

    If the secret is entered incorrectly, no requests for data will be authorized.
  • System Tray Alerting
    The IDRC can be optionally configured to display a small alert window when the state changes on entries during a host refresh.  The client can be alerted to state change from OK to ALERT, ALERT to OK, or both.

  • Audible Alerting
    The IDRC can be optionally configured to play a user-defined sound under the same state-change alert allowing for audible as well as visual hints that an action has occurred which may require attention.
  • Automatic and Manual Refresh
    The IDRC can be configured to automatically poll specific hosts, or not to poll hosts at user specified intervals.  Obviously a manual refresh can be performed on either.

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